pilot project ✍️

🎉 May - July 2022: The Indie Writer pilot project is here 🎉 The Indie Writer project officially began on 15th May. The pilot project is running over the course of 10 weeks, and you are welcome to join in anytime. We write for just 10 minutes each week, sharing our writing in a private space. Join our free community to get your own writing space and start your indie writer journey 🙌
ps. watch our short introduction, or here’s a list of the challenges shared so far: Week 1: “my writing journey” // started: Sunday 15th May, 2022
Week 2: “about me” // started: Sunday 22nd May
Week 3: “the things I liked to read” // started: Sunday 29th May
📹 an intro to Week 3’s challenge [~2 mins] Week 4: “the people who inspire me” // started: Sunday 5th June
📹 an intro to Week 4’s challenge [~3 mins] Week 5: a choice… // started: Sunday 12th June
📹 an intro to Week 5’s challenge [~2 mins] Week 6: “my ideal day” // started: Sunday 19th June
📹 an intro to Week 6’s challenge [~2 mins] Week 7: “reading week” // started: Sunday 26th June 📹 an intro to Week 7’s challenge [~2 mins] Week 8
// begins on Sunday 3rd July Week 9
// begins on Sunday 10th July Week 10
// begins on Sunday 17th July What’s next?? Our pilot project is just the beginning… take a look at our roadmap 🗺️