🎉 May-July 2022: The Indie Writer pilot project is here 🎉 Hello, I'm Jas 👋 I’m gently building this writing community, and I wanted to share a little more about how it came into being.
🥜 In a nutshell: 1️) I'm a writer and author ✍️ 2️) I'm an INFP & highly sensitive person, with ADHD traits 😇 3️) I have a Masters in Positive Psychology (yep, i’m a nerd) 🧠 4️) I like coffee shops (decaf or iced tea, pls), train journeys and autobiographies ☕
so far
I've run several blogs, including: A Happier Introvert, Awkward Brown Guy (this was a fun one), and INF Club. I've also co-hosted 2 online summits, The INF Summit (2020) and The Introvert Writer Summit (2022). Here’s a short timeline covering my life so far, and filling in some of the gaps.
As of May 2022, I've begun to build this little writing community called: The Indie Writer. As well as being informed by my own experiences, the many conversations I’ve had with fellow ADHD writers, The Indie Writer a place that is inspired by the early days of the internet. Thank you for landing here, and I hope you’ll join me and 100+ fellow writers on this little adventure. Take just 10 minutes this week to experience the magic for yourself… ✨ Join the community ✨ Your ADHD traits are a super-power, and you really can write with both consistency and joy. Hopefully we’ll see you on the other side! 😊 Jas ps. do you have a question?
read our faq, or email: hello@theindiewriter.net ✉️
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