a private writing space

You’ve stumbled across a secret corner of the internet, so please keep this to yourself 🤫
Who are we? We are a little community:
1) Writing for 10 mins, just once a week ✍️ 2) Meeting fellow writers dotted around the globe 🌐 3) Experiencing what the early days of the internet were like 🙌
What does the project involve? - 10 minutes of writing each week - Writing prompts to help your words flow - A supportive community of fellow writers
Who is it for? Anyone who loves to write, wants to show up and write each week, and meet others doing the same. The community is currently free to join, but spaces are limited.
Is it right for me?
The Indie Writer might be a good fit for you if: ✅ You like to write, and want to do so more often ✅ You regularly seem to experience writers’ block ✅ You struggle to find the discipline to write alone It probably isn’t for you if: ❌ You don’t have the time, or inclination, to develop a writing habit ❌ You only care about writing for clicks/views/subscribers ❌ You have no interest in writing consistently
Will you join us?
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